Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Exclusive Interviews

Very busy time at the moment. As well as my other writing and editing commitments I'm preparing short interviews with the writers who are contributing to the Hub Doctor Who Special. Rather generously all the writers have agreed to take a little time out of their busy work schedules to participate in a brief Q & A about themselves and, more importantly, their writing. These interviews will be published exclusively on this blog. I'd like to thank them all for their time and effort.

I am hoping to get an interview posted on to my blog every few days during these last three weeks until the Hub Special at Easter. The first of these interviews should be going up at the end of this week, with the others following soon after.

First up will be Horror author Simon Clark, script editor Andrew Cartmel and novelist Mark Morris.

On the downside, though, my own writing is taking a bit of a bashing which is a real bitch. My short story for Big Finish is being chipped away at in my free moments and my novel has been put on hold until other projects have been completed.

On the plus side I've been approached to write reviews for another online magazine site, but I'll have more details on that when things have been sorted.

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