Friday, 12 March 2010

Hub Easter Special (part I) UPDATED!

Work on editing the forthcoming Hub Magazine Doctor Who special is going great guns. Currently at work on the Fifth Doctor article which will be appearing in Issue 15 next weekend. The Special should be hitting your inboxs on Easter Weekend. Meanwhile contributions are coming in thick and fast from some great names that have been linked with the programme both past and present in one way or another.

Andrew Cartmel was script editor on the show from 1987-89, the entirety of the Sylvester McCoy era, and was instrumental in injecting the show with a darkness and mystery that had all but vanished since the mid to late 70s. He has also written a novel based on the cult 60s series The Prisoner, four Doctor Who novels and an audio play for Big Finish.

Simon Clark is one of Britain's highly regarded horror authors with over two dozen novels under his belt including the much acclaimed Vampyrrhic saga and The Night of the Triffids, the official sequel to John Wyndhams classic. Simon also wrote the novella 'The Dalek Factor' for the popular Telos series of Doctor Who books. His latest novel Whitby Vampyrrhic has just been released in hardback.

Joseph Lidster wrote the fantastic series 2 Torchwood episode 'A Day in the Death' as well as The Sarah Jane Adventures episodes 'The Mark of the Berserker' & 'The Mad Woman in the Attic' not to mention more Big Finish Doctor Who audio plays and short stories than you could shake a green slime-covered tentacle at.

Mark Morris is a bestselling Horror novelist as well as the Doctor Who Magazine poll-topping author of the Tenth Doctor novels Forever Autumn and Ghosts of India. Along with over a dozen serious Horror novels to his credit including Toady, The Secret of Anatomy and The Deluge, Mark first entered the Doctor Who arena in the mid-1990s with the publication of his novels The Bodysnatchers and Deep Blue.

More contributors will be revealed over the next few days, so please keep popping back and checking out my blog.

So far everyone's been so helpful, keen and eager to be a part of this Doctor Who special and it's been a pleasure working with them. All of the above names and those still to be announced are huge fans of the show, classic as well as the new series, and are only too delighted to devote some of their precious time to making a small, but vital contribution to the collection and for that I am very grateful. It has even given one or two of them the opportunity to indulge in their DVD collection when otherwise they would be chained to their writing desk or staring out of the window for inspiration. I'm just glad I've been able to liberate them, if only for a brief period of time!

Between now and Easter I'm also planning on reviewing Simon Clark's latest novel 'Whitby Vampyrrhic' as well as 'The Diary of a Doctor Who Addict' the new Young Adult novel by genre novelist Paul Magrs

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