Thursday, 28 April 2011

Voices From The Past short story anthology

This month sees the release of Voices From The Past, one of the most exciting collections of short genre fiction you’re ever likely to get your grubby little mits on! The anthology contains some fantastic names, including bestselling authors, award-winning novelists and writers of some of the best British television in the past 30 years!

Edited by myself and Lee Harris (of Angry Robot Books) this eBook anthology contains new fiction from some of the best Horror, SF, Fantasy and Steampunk authors writing today, who all kindly gave up their free time to contribute a short story for a very worthy cause, the Great Ormond Street Hospital children‘s charity.

Perhaps most exciting of all is that the anthology features brand new stories from Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space universe, Paul Magrs’ Brenda & Effie mysteries and George Mann’s investigating duo Newbury & Hobbes.

Although available to download from 30th April from many major online retailers, you will be able to pre-order the book at the H&H Books website from this evening, priced only 99p in the UK and $1.59 in the US.

Here’s a full list of the authors and their stories:
Another Kind of Lightning by Alasdair Stewart
Ascension Day by Alastair Reynolds
The Lab Gang by Andrew Smith
Master of the Game by Bill Willingham
Just Do It by Cavan Scott
The Maharajah’s Star by George Mann
Dr Wormhole by J. Robert King
He Loves Me Not by Jacqueline Rayner
The Screams Next Door by Jason Arnopp
Shuttle by Jasper Fforde
George V by Johnny Mains
Success by Joseph Lidster
The Wisdom of the Ages by Juliet E. McKenna
A Pot To Piss In by Kaaron Warren
Twisted by Lee Harris
Beauty Will Come by Mary Robinette Kowal
Mustn’t Grumble by Maura McHugh
Receipt of Fern Seed by Maurice Broaddus
750,000 of Your Friends Like This by Mur Lafferty
A Map of Lychford by Paul Cornell
The Curious Package by Paul Magrs
The Runt by Robert Shearman
The Chaos Exhibition by Scott Harrison
The Victim by Scott Sigler
On The Road Again by Stuart Douglas
Never Go Back by Susan Murray
In Leon’s Room by Tom Fletcher
The God Confusion by Toby Hadoke

To order your copy of this great collection and do your bit for a very worthy cause, please visit the H&H Books website -

Friday, 1 April 2011

Faction Paradox: A Romance In Twelve Parts

Those splendid chaps over at Obverse Books have recently announced the publication date of their first Faction Paradox short story collection - 31st May 2011.

Their website now displays the stunning artwork for the front cover of the hardback book, seen here on the left (though still unfinished, without title and editors credit) with a full list of writers and story titles.

As well as a story from myself, the anthology (the first ever FP short story collection) boasts some pretty impressive writers - many of whom have written novels, short stories and audio plays for BBC Books, Telos Publishing, Big Finish and BBC Radio4:

FACTION PARADOX: A Romance in Twelve Parts

Edited by Stuart Douglas and Lawrence Miles

Alchemy - James Milton
Library Pictures - Stuart Douglas
Storyteller - Matt Kimpton Gramps - Jon Dennis
Mightier than the Sword - Jay Eales
The Story of the Peace - Ian Potter
Print the Legend - Daniel O'Mahony
Nothing Lasts Forever - David N Smith and Violet Addison
Holding Pattern - Scott Harrison
Now or thereabouts - Blair Bidmead
Tonton Macoute - Dave Hoskin
A Hundred Words from a Civil War - Philip Purser-Hallard

You can pre-order your copy of the book either at the Obverse website: