Friday, 1 April 2011

Faction Paradox: A Romance In Twelve Parts

Those splendid chaps over at Obverse Books have recently announced the publication date of their first Faction Paradox short story collection - 31st May 2011.

Their website now displays the stunning artwork for the front cover of the hardback book, seen here on the left (though still unfinished, without title and editors credit) with a full list of writers and story titles.

As well as a story from myself, the anthology (the first ever FP short story collection) boasts some pretty impressive writers - many of whom have written novels, short stories and audio plays for BBC Books, Telos Publishing, Big Finish and BBC Radio4:

FACTION PARADOX: A Romance in Twelve Parts

Edited by Stuart Douglas and Lawrence Miles

Alchemy - James Milton
Library Pictures - Stuart Douglas
Storyteller - Matt Kimpton Gramps - Jon Dennis
Mightier than the Sword - Jay Eales
The Story of the Peace - Ian Potter
Print the Legend - Daniel O'Mahony
Nothing Lasts Forever - David N Smith and Violet Addison
Holding Pattern - Scott Harrison
Now or thereabouts - Blair Bidmead
Tonton Macoute - Dave Hoskin
A Hundred Words from a Civil War - Philip Purser-Hallard

You can pre-order your copy of the book either at the Obverse website:

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  1. Hi Scott. Came across a review for the Faction Paradox anthology. Congrats on getting published!

    I'm co-editing a Doctor Who anthology, Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years, and we'd love for you to submit a story.

    Check out the following site for contact info, and I can send you specific details on the anthology:

    Matt G