Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year

2011 has been a good year for me both professionally and personally, and it looks like 2012 will be even better.

Most importantly (and most excitingly) we have finally set a date for our wedding, and preparations are well underway. On October 20th, just 9 months time, my fiancée, Linzi, will become Mrs Harrison.

Professionally, in the past twelve months, I’ve had a handful of short stories published in some very exciting anthologies - some in gorgeous hardback, others in eBook or audiobook form, I’ve been commissioned to write a novel for a new, exciting SF range, as well as an audio play and a number of stories to be written for a diverse range of genre publications.

I have gotten to know and befriend some very talented and generous people, many of which I admire professionally - I have been fortunate enough to work with most of them and it has been an absolute pleasure. As a writer I have learned a great deal about my craft from some very perspicacious editors, who, with their kind words, comments and suggestions, have improved every successive piece I have written and submitted over the past year, making me a better writer now than I have ever been.

Over the past few weeks I have decided upon a number of ‘rules’ I intend to implement in the opening weeks of 2012 – not so much New Year’s Resolutions as Professional Resolutions.

- To work damned hard, harder than I have ever worked before. My days will be taken up with writing, editing, redrafting - constantly and repeatedly.
- To keep my blog updated regularly with news, views and reviews.
- To write at least one piece of flash fiction per month and post it on my new fiction site.
- To be much firmer in my role as editor; namely no longer tolerating any discourtesy, rude or inappropriate correspondence.
- To get out to as many conventions, launches and readings as I possibly can.
- To have as much fun in my job as is humanly possible!

Here’s a brief overview of my writing and editing projects coming in 2012:

Novel – Which will be officially announced in the next couple of weeks!!
Short Story #1‘Shadow Theory’ to be published in an SF anthology.
Short Story #2 ‘Marley’s Ghost’ to be published in a ghost anthology
Short Story #3 – ‘Untitled Steampunk Story’ to be published in Resurrection Engines: 16 Extraordinary Tales of Scientific Romance.
Short Story #4‘Hidden Track’ to be published in Thirteen audio anthology
Short Story #5 ‘Untitled SF Story’ to be published in The End audio anthology
Comic Book Story'The Madness From The Sea' to be published in Into The Woods: A Fairytale Anthology in February
Audio Play – to be released on CD in late 2012 / early 2013
Novel - 'Whitby' co-written with writer/editor Johnny Mains (still in progress)

Modern Masters of Audio – first audiobook released in March / April
Steampunk Anthology – to be published by Snowbooks on 1st June
Modern Masters of Audio – second audiobook to be released later in 2012

A Happy New Year to everyone!!


  1. Christ, you are a busy beaver, Scott!

  2. Coming from the mega-important, plate-spinning, Obverse Supremo, I take that as a great compliment! ;-)

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  4. "I’ve been commissioned to write a novel for a new, exciting SF range" - I'm not going to be so rude as to ask if this is what I think it might be, but you can probably read my thoughts on this one. Either way, nice one!
    (sorry - this is just the post I deleted, but with grammar).

  5. If I'm assuming correctly, then no, it's not what you're think it might be. I can see your reasoning, given our recent conversation, but no it's not for that range.

    Thanks for the congrats though.