Friday, 23 March 2012

Into The Woods Reviews

Since it's publication last month, the comic book Into The Woods: A Fairytale Anthology has been getting some fantastic reviews, all unanimously stating that it is a cracking little book!

Needless to say I'm rather proud to have a story in the anthology (art by Lee Grice, lettering by Filip Ronconeis), which seems to have been hitting the mark with many reviewers, who've been saying some great things about it.

Comic Geek Boy for the Geek Syndicate podcast site said -

"Madness from the Sea by Scott Harrison, Lee Grice and Filip Ronconeis a haunting tale of survival. Page one builds the sense of dread and terror as the panels slowly reveal more. This really engrosses the reader making them want to page turn to find out what is going to happen. This is an essential skill to have in an anthology and it is displayed here."

Jenni Newman reviewing for Small Press Big Mouth said -

"I could write about all of the tales in this anthology and this could become one long spoiler, and that’s not the point of me writing this ‘review’. No, I would rather finish by telling you my last two favourite tales in the anthology. The first being The Madness From The Sea not only did I love the artwork throughout this five page tale, well done Lee Grice, but the story itself.

A retelling of Pandora’s Box set in Victorian times the black and white artwork, which runs through the entire book, added more to this tale. Its darkness mixed with a dark time line that loved the macabre and horror stories really added to it. Pandora’s Box is a tale that never ceases to teach us the dangers of curiosity but also the strength of hope. As many evils as there may be released or within the world there is always that little glimmer of hope that we all hold onto that gives us strength, somehow."

While blogger and reviewer Lizzie Boyle chose her favourites -

"Everyone will pick their favourites: I loved the unspoken hints of nastiness at the end of Rich McAuliffe and Sara Dunkerton‘s Red Riding Hood; the oppressive atmosphere of The Madness From The Sea (by Scott Harrison, Lee Grice and Filiip Roncone); the beautiful, gentle ending of A Time For A Change by Ollie Masters and Valia Kapadai."

Here's the links to all the revews for the anthology that are online at the moment. I'll post more as they appear.

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