Saturday, 3 November 2012

It's Dorian Gray Day!

November is a very exciting month for me - not only does it see the publication of my Blake's 7 novel Archangel in hardback on the 30th, but today sees the release of the first of the audio plays I've written for Big Finish!

The brilliant new horror series The Confessions of Dorian Gray began last week with a creepy little story set in Paris in the year 1900 with Dorian visiting his old friend Oscar Wilde.

The second episode of the series - The Houses In Between - finds our eponymous (anti) hero living in the heart of blitz-torn London in 1940, where his dark and sorded past is about to catch up with him. The 30 minute audio play costs a mere £2.99 and is available to download in MP3 format right now from the Big Finish website here.

If you enjoy it please download the other 4 episodes in the series (released every week throughout November), all of them penned by some very exciting writers, including David Llewellyn, Gary Russell, Scott Handcock and Joseph Lidster.

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