Thursday, 15 November 2012

New Book Day (Part 1)

Look what the lovely old postman has just delivered - a box chock-full of hardback copies of my Blake's 7 novel Archangel.

The book is released in just two weeks time - November 30th - and can be pre-ordered from the Big Finish website either in hardback or in eBook format here, as well as on Amazon here.

The book will also be available to buy in bookshops and genre shops such as Forbidden Planet and the Who One shop.


  1. Hi Scott, I'll be buying Archangel but first I wanted to check:
    How do you feel about where people actually make their purchases?

    I've previously seen one or two 'suspiciously early' B7 listings on Ebay (apparently just for single books/CDs) Obv.I didn't bid. However,regarding legitimate online bookstores, I'd much rather know I'm supporting the authors/producers more,financially, than some huge multinational, so, does it actually make much difference to you, Scott?


  2. Hey Vila Restal (cool name, by the way). Thanks for stopping by, really appreciate it.

    Speaking for myself I have no particular preference where you buy the book, I'm just pleased that the book appeals to you enough for you to want to read it.

    However, if your intention is to help support the producers (well done that man!) than the best place for you to pick up the book would be at Big Finish's own wedsite (link in the blog entry above), it's quick, safe and they have an excellent delivery service. Otherwise I'd stick with those reputable online outlets, such as Amazon, Waterstones and Forbidden Planet.

    But you're completely correct in steering clear of buying it on eBay. It's appearance there is, as you say, a tad 'suspicious', right now only myself and the chaps at Big Finish have copies of the book.

    Hope you enjoy it.