Thursday, 22 November 2012

Reviews & Comments (redux)

Here's a few more lovely comments and reviews of my episode of The Confessions of Dorian Gray from people on twitter and review sites.
"This is excellent. It reminds me in parts of Dark Shadows' equally wonderful London's Burning. Sound design is beautiful, as are the performances. Very eerie story - this is shaping up to be an unmissable series."
"Excellent. Episode 2 even better than the first!"

"Enjoyed this just a touch more then the first episode - think it was the quicker focus on the proper horror elements, although I did enjoy the bits with Wilde last week, they did divert the rest of the story. Still a 9/10 though."

"8/10 for me! This series is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic. I can't wait until next week."
"Episode 2!!! Oh lovely."

"Lovely, lovely spooky stuff. Fabulous voice work and a cameo from Gary!"
"Holy crap @vlavla is killing me in this week’s Dorian Gray!"

"More than the first episode, this is a showcase for Alexander Vlahos: the script by Scott Harrison is powerful (and felt suitably creepy just as words on the page), but Vlahos wraps his voice around the narration."

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