Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Reviews & Comments

The second episode of The Confessions of Dorian Gray has only been available to download for 3 days and already the reviews and comments are pouring in on websites and on Twitter. So far they have all been fantastic (honestly, I haven't read a single bad word yet) and I've just been so incredibly bowled over by how well it has been recieved.

Here's what people have been saying so far:
"Second episode of Dorian Gray…Whoa. So Good. I got scared. And then I got emotional. And then I got even more emotional"
"@vlavla (Alexander Vlahos) you've gained a fan, a pitch perfect performance, loved it. @scott_handcock's Dorian Gray is absolutely fantastic! #HousesInBetween"
"Listening to @vlavla second Confessions of Dorian Gray before bed, Fantastic stuff!"
"@bigfinish very encouraged to see 'Series 1' on Confessions of Dorian Gray. Listening to episode 2 before sleep and I'm completely immersed."
"@scott_handcock the new C. of Dorian Gray is as brilliant as the first ! Cant stop singing this song. Look forward to the next. Well done!"
"The Confessions of Dorian Gray from @bigfinish read by @vlavla , Lorna Rose Harris, Rebecca Newman, Gary Russell and James Goss is superb!"
"@vlavla Interesting twist at the end of Merlin tonight :) downloaded 1.2 of Dorian Gray today, loving that also :)"
"Am sitting in park b4 work listening to Confessions of Dorian Gray ep 2. Chills."
"Confessions of Dorian Gray episode 2 is wonderful. Amazing. So good that I subscribed - something that I rarely do!"
"Oh god, The Houses in Between, I’m crying."
"The Houses in Between has assured me that the splendid opening episode was no fluke, and that this is a series being produced with a clear, smart vision. Every aspect is polished and on target; the music in this week's episode was beautiful and haunting. Houses is not quite as potent a package as This World Our Hell, but it's still excellent drama. 8/10."


 Download it HERE

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