Friday, 25 May 2012

Thirteen Anthology Update

It’s an exciting time right now as the audio horror anthology Thirteen, the first in the Modern Masters of Audio series, has finally gone into the studio and is currently being recorded.

I was recently sent the first of the finished stories, Gary McMahon’s ‘Down’ and it sounded utterly fantastic - having been beautifully edited and spankingly remastered by the multi-talent Neil Gardner. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the finished anthology.

The portmanteau anthology, which is produced by myself and Neil, is based around the old 1970s horror collection LPs and will contain 13 stories with a linking narration written by myself, and will feature a host of exciting guest names reading the short tales of horror and suspense. Those who we can reveal so far are:

- Frances Barber
- Lalla Ward
- Jeff Harding
- Greg Wise
- Trevor White
- Stephen Rashbrook

The 13 stories will consist of the following:

Side A
01 - Dead Space  by  George Mann
02 - A Girl, Sitting  by  Mark Morris
03 - Finding The Path  by  Kaaron Warren
04 - The Hairstyle of the Devil  by  Martin Day
05 - Down  by  Gary McMahon
06 - Visions  by  Cavan Scott
07 - Half Life  by  Dan Abnett

Side B
08 - With Her In Spirit  by  Stephen Gallagher
09 - Tabula Rasa  by  Alasdair Stuart
10 - One Hit Wanda  by  Kim Newman
11 - A Glass of Water  by  Mark Wright
12 - Ghost Pit  by  Simon Clark
13 – I Wish  by  Johnny Mains
     - Hidden Track  (linking narration)    by Scott Harrison

The anthology will be available later in the year as an mp3 download from Ladbroke Productions, with a planned CD release appearing hopefully at a later date.