Friday, 27 July 2012

Reading and Writing and Stuff

I’ve been a bit silent on the old blog front of late, but with very good reason. I’ve been busy working on a number of exciting projects, which have been taking up my time (did a few rather exhausting 2am – 8am stints during my week’s holiday too, just to meet a couple of deadlines).

I’ve recently finished work on a couple of audio scripts - one SF, the other Horror/Supernatural – both of which should hopefully be announced very soon, as well as completing work on my Blake’s 7 novel for Big Finish.

There are also three short story anthologies which I am both writing for and editing – one Steampunk, one Horror and one of stories all based in the popular seaside town of Scarborough – in various stages of development. The first ‘Resurrection Engines’ which has been delayed for a few weeks due to clashing/heavy work schedules on a number of parties, has now been rescheduled for an August 31st publication in limited edition hardback, then a mass market paperback publication in time for Christmas 2012. The Horror anthology is scheduled for an early Spring 2013 release and the Scarborough book publication has yet to be confirmed.

I’ve also been hard at work creating a new Steampunk ‘shared universe’ novel range for a UK publisher, which I will be range editing and writing the occasional novel for. That’s all the news I can share with you for now, but hopefully will be able to announce all the details for that very, very soon.

There’s also one or two project still in discussion (books and audios) which I hope to get started on very soon, but I’ll drop a few more hints about those when I’m able!

Meanwhile my mountainous pile of To Be Read books gets ever mountainous (and I’m getting shockingly little time to read now adays, which is very frustrating). I have recently got my hands on some very exciting titles, which I can’t wait to read – Kim Stanley Robinson’s ‘2312’ and Juliet Gardiner’s ‘The Blitz’ being two particularly exciting titles!