Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Resurrection Engines - Two Reviews

While I was away on a wee break last week two wonderful reviews for Resurrection Engines appeared, both online and in the national newspapers.

The first was in the Saturday edition of the Financial Times and, for those that missed it, is also available to read online HERE.

Reviewer James Lovegrove said of the anthology;

"Robots abound. Dr Jekyll’s monstrous alter-ego is a sentient military exoskeleton, Peter Pan creates his own scrap-metal Lost Boys, and Silas Marner, in a moving tale by Alison Littlewood, adopts an artificial Eppie..."


"...Juliet E McKenna’s feminist rewrite of She is cunning and funny, and Philip Palmer adds aliens to The Woman in White to great effect. Adam Roberts’s delirious The Crime of the Ancient Mariner replaces Coleridge’s sea voyage with time travel, and works a treat."

He went on to conclude;

"...this anthology is both varied and consistently entertaining."

The second review appeared in Issue 147 of Hub Magazine. This time reviewer Paul Simpson wrote;

"Scott Harrison’s very different account of Jekyll and Hyde, Kim Lakin-Smith’s The Island of Peter Pandora, and Cavan Scott’s Fairest Of Them All examine some of the same themes as their inspirations but add an even darker side to them..."


"The final story is my personal favourite: Jim Mortimore’s take on Robin Hood, which derives its cues from many different versions of the myth and then throws in some H.P. Lovecraft to salt the mixture. Mortimore can sometimes try to juggle too many concepts at once, but he’s been effectively reined in on this so there is a logic to what appears to be grand insanity."

The reviewer concludes with;

"A varied and very enjoyable collection."

Issue 147 is free and can be downloaded for pdf HERE.

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