Friday, 22 February 2013

News Catch Up

Have been busy of late, so thought it was about time I did a quick catch up and round up of all the news and releases planned for the year ahead.

Over the past week I've been thrashing out a storyline with the editor for a TV tie-in book I'll be writing over the coming weeks / months, so hopefully I'll be able to announce that very soon!

As work continues on my next book, The Horus Engines, (which will be the first book in the new Dieselpunk/Steampunk/Alternate Timeline novel range Tales Of The Iron War), publishers Snowbooks have been sending me mock ups of the front cover artwork, and it is looking awesome! I'm hoping to see the final design very soon now, which I will post up on my blog immediately, of course!

The book will be published later in the year, and as soon as work has finished on both of the above projects, I'll then be starting work on the second novel in the range, titled Cold Earth, which is scheduled for publication at the very end of the year. Books III, IV and V are already under development

(Incidentally, a local bookshop has already expressed an interest in holding an author reading and signing event for The Horus Engines, which I'm obviously very keen to do. So watch this space for more details.)

Work is being completed on the second anthology, a horror book called Twisted Histories (full details very soon), and a third and fourth are already scheduled for late 2013/early 2014. Prepatory work is already under way for two further anthologies to be released later in 2014 (one of which will be a 'sequel' of sorts to the Resurrection Engines anthology).

I'm also writing a handful of short stories and novellas for various anthologies and magazines.

COMING SOON in 2013:

Blake's 7: Epitaph  -  audio play in Vol 4 of The Liberator Chronicles from Big Finish, May
Twisted Histories  -  Horror anthology. Spring
The Horus Engines  -  Alternate Timeline novel. Mid/late 2013
TV Tie-In Book  -  Mid 2013.
Anthology 3  -  SF anthology. Late 2013
Cold Earth  -  Alternate Timeline novel. December

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