Friday, 31 May 2013

Thirteen - Horror Audio Anthology

"Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Hamilton James McCauley, and I am a murderer.The man I killed was unimportant, a nobody; a simple shopkeeper, who won’t be missed. But the reason I decided to commit murder…now that’s a different matter entirely - and one that I don’t fully understand myself..."
As I write this Thirteen the audio horror anthology I've been working on with producer/director Neil Gardner is undergoing a few final bits of twiddly post-production before being released to buy as an MP3 download on the SpokenWorld Audio website (and hopefully a few other places too...more news later).
Both Neil and I are enormously proud of this anthology, and we have managed to bring together some amazingly talented people on this project, both in a writing and vocal capacity. Authors such as Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman and Dan Abnett have written brand new pieces for this audio anthology, with actors such as Frances Barber, Arthur Darvill and Lalla Ward bringing them brilliantly to life.
Here’s what you can expect from Thirteen
In an old bric-a-brac shop, in the winding backstreets of 1920s Scarborough, a man comes across a collection of 13 old gramophone records, each containing a mysterious 'hidden track': eerie, macabre stories narrated by hypnotic, unknown voices, each telling of strange future places, of impossible gadgets, and dark, disturbing deeds...
Designed as a portmanteau anthology, Thirteen can either be enjoyed as one loose over-arching story, or dipped in and out of as is usual with a selection of stories such as these.
Here's the full ToC for the anthology, including narrators:
Side A:
Hidden Track(Part I)   by   Scott Harrison    [read by Barnaby Edwards]
One - Dead Space   by   George Mann    [read by Gregg Wise]
Two - A Girl Sitting   by   Mark Morris    [read by Jilly Bond]
Three – Finding The Path   by  Kaaron Warren    [read by Trevor White]
Four – The Hairstyle Of The Devil   by   Martin Day    [read by Arthur Darvill]
Five  - Down   by   Gary McMahon    [read by Stephen Rashbrook]
Six – Tabula Rasa   by  Alasdair Stuart    [read by Lalla Ward]
Seven – Half Life   by   Dan Abnett        [read by John Banks]
Hidden Track(Part II)  by   Scott Harrison    [read by Barnaby Edwards]

Side B:
Eight – With Her In Spirit   by  Stephen Gallagher    [read by Frances Barber]
Nine – Visions   by   Cavan Scott    [read by Michael Maloney]
Ten – One Hit Wanda   by   Kim Newman    [read by Samuel West]
Eleven – A Glass Of Water   by   Mark Wright    [read by Gemma Arterton]
Twelve – Ghost Pit   by   Simon Clark    [read by Jeff Harding]
Thirteen – I Wish  by   Johnny Mains    [read by Steven Cree]
Hidden Track (Part III)  by   Scott Harrison    [read by Barnaby Edwards]

I've recently been sent a rough mock up of the front cover artwork, which is looking quite marvellous, and I hope to have the finished piece up on this blog very soon along with a short trailer to whet your appetites.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Epitaph - Review

Just to let you know that a lovely review of my Blake's 7 audio has just appeared over at Sci-Fi Bulletin.

Reviewer Paul Simpson says "Scott Harrison’s first foray into the Blake’s 7 universe (Archangel) showed that he had a handle on the characters, and could write dialogue for them which felt right. This continues in this examination of Jenna Stannis, providing her with a family and asking some uncomfortable questions about what life was like for those related to the ‘Seven’..."

You can read the review in its entirety HERE.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Incoming - New Audio Day

Just a few moments ago a box full of lovely Blake's 7 box sets was delivered to my door by our good ole postie.

Or, to be more precise, a box full of the Volume 4 box set of Blake's 7: The Liberator Chronicles, featuring my Jenna / Vila two-hander Epitaph...

This latest B7 audio set was released just a few short weeks ago and can be purchased as a 3-CD box set, or as an mp3 download, either at the Big Finish website HERE, Waterstones HERE, or Amazon HERE.

Or, you could take a walk down to your local bookshop or branch of Forbidden Planet, if they don't have it on the shelf then I'm sure some lovely, fluffy shop assistant will order you a copy.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Of Audios, Anthologies and Tie-Ins

As it’s just about to get properly busy on the writing front for the next few weeks, I thought I’d take the opportunity to update the blog with news of the various writing projects I’m working on at the moment – or as much as I can tell you, at any rate.

Despite the fact that my laptop is slowly dying and I'm having to work on one of my wife's computers, over the past week or so we’ve still managed to put the finishing touches to Thirteen, the horror audio anthology I’ve been working on with producer / director Neil Gardner, and it’s almost ready for release. It features brand new stories from writers such as Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman and Dan Abnett.

They’ll be a blog update for this coming in the next few weeks, giving full details of writers, narrators and cover artwork.

I’m also working on two tie-in books as we speak, for two very different franchises, both SF. The first is called Shadow Of The Machine and is a sequel to…well, I can’t tell you that yet I’m afraid. However, the second book is called The Pandora Archive and is an action-packed prequel to…well, I can’t tell you that either, at the moment. But hopefully both books will be officially announced soon and I’ll be able to give out a few more tantalising details here on the blog.

Work on the second Snowbooks anthology is almost completed; this one being horror, and featuring brand spanking new stories from authors such as Stephen Gallagher, Alison Littlewood, Justin Richards and Gary McMahon. The anthology is called Twisted Histories and it features stories that will ‘reimagine’ famous myths, legends and biblical tropes, including Pandora’s Box, the Magi, the Green Man and the Ark of the Covenant.

Work on the first of the Tales Of The Iron War novels – The Horus Engines – still continues apace, and will now be published in October, in both paperback and in a limited edition hardback/boxed set with extra material including illustrations and an exclusive novella.

Other bits ‘n’ bobs include a short story set in 12th century England for a Crime anthology, a children’s horror novel, various short stories and a novella. (I’m also working on a spec TV script set on the Yorkshire coast in 1962, which I’m rather excited about).

But, before all that, it's time for food and a trip to the cinema to see Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Blake's 7: The Liberator Chronicles Vol 4 - Released!

It's that time already - another of my writing projects has been released to the public and it's taken me completely by surprise. This time it's my second piece of fiction for the classic SF TV series Blake's 7.

I've been away from the old interwebby thing for a little while, so this morning I was browsing a few of my favourite sites and stumbled upon the news that Big Finish have released the latest Blake's 7: Liberator Chronicles box set, which features an audio play written by me on it.

The new Volume 4 box set features three brand new audio plays, including my story Epitaph, starring Sally Kynvette as Jenna and Michael Keating as Vila. It was released on Friday 3rd May, and can be bought either on the Big Finish website HERE or over on Amazon HERE.

Amazingly, the first review has appeared online too, written by the official Blake's 7 fan club Horizon, and can be read HERE.