Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Blake's 7: The Liberator Chronicles Vol 4 - Released!

It's that time already - another of my writing projects has been released to the public and it's taken me completely by surprise. This time it's my second piece of fiction for the classic SF TV series Blake's 7.

I've been away from the old interwebby thing for a little while, so this morning I was browsing a few of my favourite sites and stumbled upon the news that Big Finish have released the latest Blake's 7: Liberator Chronicles box set, which features an audio play written by me on it.

The new Volume 4 box set features three brand new audio plays, including my story Epitaph, starring Sally Kynvette as Jenna and Michael Keating as Vila. It was released on Friday 3rd May, and can be bought either on the Big Finish website HERE or over on Amazon HERE.

Amazingly, the first review has appeared online too, written by the official Blake's 7 fan club Horizon, and can be read HERE.

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