Tuesday, 25 June 2013

News: "The Pandora Archive" & Dimensions 2013

I have a couple of bits of exciting news to post about today.

For all those who read this blog site regularly you’ll know that, amongst the various projects I’ve
been working on, I’ve been writing two tie-in books for two different ranges.

Well, I’m pleased to say that one of them has finally been announced by publishers Capcom as The Pandora Archive, the official prequel to the Capcom/Dontnod video game Remember Me.

Read the press release in The Bookseller HERE

And for a book that I had to write in a very very short space of time (so short that just thinking about it brings me out in a cold sweat) I’m actually incredibly proud of it. Here’s the blurb…

When a series of devastating bomb blasts rock Neo-Paris, former memory hunter turned Errorist, Trix Dallaire, is blamed and it is reported that she was acting on orders from the Errorist group – a supposed ‘first in a series of decisive blows’ against the Memorize Corporation. In response, a S.A.B.R.E force squadron is mobilized for a retaliatory assault into Slum 404. However, before her arrest she manages to send a coded signal back to the Errorists. Unable to decode the warning, Nilin visits the Architect, an aging tech expert, who is her only hope.

What follows is a white-knuckle ride through Neo-Paris, full of subterfuge, betrayal and intrigue, as we join Nilin on her destructive search for the truth, and her freedom.

The Pandora Archive was published as an eBook by Capcom yesterday and can be bought from all good online book retailers such as Amazon.

In other news, I will be guesting at Dimensions 2013 in Newcastle this October, along with other exciting guests such as four Doctors (Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann), a whole host of cool companions, and various other talented writery and producery bods.The event is being held at Copthorne Hotel in Newcastle on the weekend of the 25th, 26th and 27th October.

All information, and detail of how to buy tickets, can be found HERE

If you’re coming along to the event and see me wondering about, do come up and say hello!



Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Unfortunately, due to the ridiculous amount of spam that I'm receiving through this blog at the moment, I've decided to turn off the 'comments' option for the time being.

You can still contact me via email at scott.hrrsn@yahoo.com