Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Confessions Of Dorian Gray Podcasts

To trail the forthcoming second series of the fabulously spooky audio series The Confessions Of Dorian Gray, Big Finish are posting daily podcasts which feature the first 10 minutes of all 5 episodes of Series 1.

Today's podcast features my episodes The Houses In Between, and stars the brilliant Alexander Vlahos as Dorian Gray and Lorna Rose Harris as Rosina Sawyer.

Set in London, 1940 at the height of the Blitz, the story sees Dorian's colourful past starting to catch up with him.

"Something is gathering in the rubble-strewn streets of the capital: something dark, malevolent and all too familiar. Something with a score to settle..."

You can hear the first 10 minutes HERE


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