Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New Audio Day

Well, it's been a long time coming, but the portmanteau audio horror anthology Thirteen,
edited by myself and produced and directed by the massively talented Neil Gardner, has finally been released.

Originally scheduled for Saturday 24th, it was actually made available to buy on the SpokenWorld website a few hours earlier, on Friday evening.

You can download the anthology HERE for just £9.99 of your mortal money - that works out at less than 77p per story (that includes a 3-part linking story written by yours truly thrown in absolutely free!!)

Already the reviews for Thirteen are popping up all over the interweb -

"The individual chillers are held together by the traditional 'bridging' story, in this case the classic trope of the old curiosity shop, here selling vinyl records that contain a hidden track, which happen to be these particularly fine scary stories...Overall, this is a great collection of supernatural tales, with a mournful and melancholy tone. They feel very much like old fashioned ghost stories and are genuinely chilling - 9/10" Starburst Magazine

"A collection of spooky audio tales designed to keep you chilled no matter what the weather...
Scott Harrison - who contributes the linking story - has brought together an intriguing mix of writers for this tribute to the old horror anthologies of the 1970s...There are no clunkers in the anthology - 8/10" Sci-Fi Bulletin

You can read the full Starburst review HERE and the full Sci-Fi Bulletin review HERE

I was also asked to write an article on the influences behind this audio anthology...so I did! It's called The Thirteen Sources of Thirteen and in it I briefly sketch out the 13 audiobooks, LPs, TV Programmes and books that probably had the most influence on the creation of Thirteen (including M.R. James's The Mezzotint, Nigel Kneale's Beasts and Sapphire & Steel), and you can read it HERE.


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