Friday, 6 December 2013

Twisted Histories - Full Cover

As publication day for Twisted Histories draws ever nearer, I thought I'd wet your whistles with a sneak peek at the full paperback cover.

And it's an absolute beauty!

This is the second in an ongoing range of anthologies I'm working on for Snowbooks, this time the pages are crammed to bursting with brand new tales of supernatural and horror which reimagine well known ancient myth, legend or biblical icons.

Rather fittingly in this countdown to Christmas, the book contains a dark and disturbing story which retells a particular aspect of the Nativity, namely the Magi: who they were and what their journey really meant to the whole of the human race, all told from the perspective of a boy named Amahl Damji, a bondman to the ancient Trinity. The story is called The Silence Between The Sounds and is written by me!

Here's the full ToC of the anthology, with each of the reimagined story elements in brackets.

01 – Blood Is Blood by Kaaron Warren   (Gog & Magog)

02 – Little Boxes by Gary McMahon    (Pandora's Box)

03 – Collapse by Susan Murray    (The Green Man / John Barelycorn)

04 – Blame The French by Stephen Gallagher    (Odysseus)

05 – A Silence Between The Sounds by Scott Harrison   (The Magi)

06 – Containment by Justin Richards     (Werewolves)

07 – The Tides of Avalon by Jennifer Williams    (King Arthur / Mermaids)

08 – Flaming Sword by Richard Dinnick    (Adam & Eve)

09 – Covenants by Simon Beswick    (The Ark of the Covenant)

10 – The Second Coming by Wayne Simmons    (The Resurrection)

11 – The Lips of Every Sleeper by Alison Littlewood    (Dryads)

Twisted Histories will be released in paperback later this month with an RRP of £7.99, and can be found in all good book shops and online stores. Buy it from Amazon HERE.

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