Saturday, 25 January 2014

Incoming - New Audio Day!

OK, so technically this audio isn't exactly 'new', in fact, the episode I wrote for this - series 1 episode 2, The Houses In Between - was actually released in November 2012, and there's been two series, a Christmas special, a Halloween special and a 2-part New Year's special since then...

However, originally released as a weekly download, the entire back catalogue of The Confessions Of Dorian Gray (including the Bernice Summerfield story Shades Of Gray, in which Dorian guest stars) has just been released by Big Finish as a whopping 10-disc box set!

You can buy the CD (which comes with a free download of all the stories) at the Big Finish website HERE

Featuring scripts written by such splendid chaps as Gary Russell, Joseph Lidster, David Llewellyn, Nev Fountain, Scott Handcock, and yours truly...

And starring Alexander Vlahos as Dorian Gray, and guest starring Sarah Douglas, Colin Baker, Lalla Ward, Katy Manning, Hannah Spearitt, Lorna Rose Harris and tons more!

Right, blog post over...stop reading right now and go and buy this immediately...

Seriously. Go now!!

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