Monday, 17 February 2014

Incoming - New Audio Day!

After what seems like 3 months of none-stop whirlwind activity, the first in a series of 30 minute audio plays that I'm writing for SpokenWorld/Ladbroke has finally been released.

Co-produced by Ladbroke and SpokenWorld Audios, Sometime Never stars the wonderful Simon "Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy" Jones and the fabulous Rosalyn "The Devil Rides Out" Landor.

I wrote the script back in December, on a very tight deadline. As producer / director Neil Gardner explains in the press release - "This meant Scott had to create and refine a script in just 4 weeks, and we had to work out a schedule that was being squeezed by Christmas deadlines. But when you have the chance to work with a legend like Simon, you move mountains.

You certainly do!

Needless to say, both Simon and Rosalyn are on excellent form, delivering the kind of wonderful performances that I knew they would deliver as I was writing the piece.

Also, somewhat amazingly, the first review of the audio play has gone up on t'interweb, and it's an absolute cracker!

"And so, 2014 welcomes the first full-cast audio from Spokenworld, starring Simon Jones and Rosalyn Landor, with a thoroughly intriguing story written by Scott Harrison."

Almost half an hour in length, this is one tale that crafts an instant ear-grabber, enhanced with fabulous sound design, and music from James Dunlop."

"Final mention must go to Harrison, who not only engineers a well-thought out idea for "Sometime Never" but shows genius un his approach, masterfully teasing us with a plot that will not only surprise but satisfy too - with past work including projects for Big Finish such as "Blake's 7" and "The Confessions of Dorian Gray", what else can you expect?"

You can read the full review by the perspicacious Mr Alwyn Ash HERE

And you can download Sometime Never for a mere £3.99 over at the SpokenWorld Audio site HERE

Sometime Never is the first in a new series of audio plays I am working on with Spokenworld / Ladbroke Audios, to be released throughout 2014. I hope to be able to bring you more news as soon as I can.

Until then, watch this space...and I hope you enjoy!

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