Thursday, 2 June 2016

Anthology News - 'Frontier Worlds' and 'Lost Tales'

For the past few months I’ve been busily beavering away on two very exciting anthologies for a
couple of publishers, one book is SF, the other is (for want of a better term) classic fiction.

Well now, thankfully, I’m at the stage in both where I can start revealing a few tantalising details.

The first – the SF antho - is for Snowbooks and will be called Frontier Worlds and will feature twelve brand new stories from writers such as Ken MacLeod, Philip Palmer, Michael Cobley, Eric Brown, Storm Constantine, and the last unpublished story by the legendary Tanith Lee before her sad death last year

Here’s the blurb:

Frontier Worlds

“Earth is no longer humanity’s only home. Slowly they have colonised the galaxy, spreading ever outwards into the darkest reaches of Terran space. To some Earth is now a myth, a fairy-tale; stories told to them by their grand parents when they were children. To others the Earth is still the place they call home: a bleak, inescapable fact that must be endured in order to survive.

In this exciting collection of stories chronicling the turbulent events of humanity’s struggle for survival six hundred years in our future, some of today’s leading science fiction writers take us from the vast depths of uncharted space to the surface of a shockingly different planet Earth, where civilisation is desperately trying to preserve the last shreds of its human identity.”

The second anthology, for Valley Press, will be called Lost Tales and will contain ten brand new stories from writers including Stephen Gallagher, Juliet E. McKenna, Philip Palmer, Gary Russell and Wayne Simmons

Here’s the blurb:

Lost Tales

“What if Bram Stoker had revisited the character of Mina Harker one final time before his death? Would the events of all those years ago have left her a broken woman, the tainted curse of Dracula still surging through her blood? What if Lewis Carrol’s Alice had stumbled again into the surreal world of Wonderland, or Lemuel Gulliver’s extraordinary adventures not stopped after his dramatic rescue from the country of the Houyhnhnms, but continued with something even more bizarre, even more shocking?

Somewhere in the darkest corner of a vast, forgotten library, on a high dusty shelf, sits the book of Lost Tales…

This anthology brings together stories from some of today’s finest genre writers: ten lost tales that were never written and yet could have existed in another time, another reality.”

Frontier Worlds will be published in hardback in early 2017

Lost Tales will be published in hardback in November this year.

Obviously I’m very excited to be sharing this information with you, and will bring you all the updates as soon as I get them.