Anthology Update - Full ToC for books!

At last I can finally reveal the full ToC for both of the forthcoming anthologies I've been busily working on over the past few months. Both anthologies will be published this year!

First up is the SF anthology, Frontier Worlds, which will be published in hardback in June:

 - Zarla's World     by Eric Brown
 - My Last Death   by Jacqueline Rayner
 - Weak Gods of Mars   by Ken MacLeod
 - Endangered Species   by Scott Harrison
- Last Born   by Tanith Lee
- Durance Vile   by Michael Cobley
- Rodeo Day    by Philip Palmer
- The Eternity Wing   by Sadie Miller
- Hostile Takeover   by Gav Thorpe
- Hidden Depths   by Justin Richards
- The Expert System's Brother   by Adrian Tchiachovsky
- In the Speed of their Wings Keep Pace   by Storm Constantine

Second, we have the characters from classic literature anthology, Lost Tales, which will be published in hardback in November:

- The Governess   [featuring Professor Challenger]    by Stephen Gallagher
- A Life Unwanted   [featuring Frankenstein's Monster]   by Trevor Baxendale
- Smoke on the Wind   [featuring Richard Hannay]   by Juliet E. McKenna
- James   [featuring Captain Hook]   by Sadie Miller
- Blood Runs Thicker   [featuring Lord Ruthven]   by Wayne Simmons
- Dido, Queen of Carthage   [featuring Dido]   by Susan Murray
- Raffles and the Walker in the Wind   [featuring Raffles]   by Adam Landau
- Alice Down Under   [featuring Alice]   by Gary Russell
- Scar Tissue   [featuring Mina Harker]   by Scott Harrison
- Island of the Wolves   [featuring Lemuel Gulliver]   by Philip Palmer

I hope to bring you details of the cover artwork for both books very soon.


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