Monday, 30 July 2018


So far 2018 is proving a busy year for me - not that I'm complaining - and I have lots of projects on the go for the latter half of the year / beginning of 2019.

As a result I've recently made a few adjustments to my writing study, mainly getting a new writing desk and chair - now my work space is tidier and less cumbersome.

OK, so apologies that the following details are a little on the vague side, but a lot of the things I'm working on haven't been officially announced yet. However, I wanted to give you a brief  tantalising glimpse into some things of mine that will be being released very soon.

- As already mentioned, I've just finished work on a script for Big Finish, which has now been recorded and is in post production. This should be released some time in October / November.

- I've started work on a script for another of Big Finish's audio ranges, which is scheduled to be released in early 2019.

- I'm working on another film essay for 101 FILMS, which will be included in the collector's booklet of one of their forthcoming blu-ray releases some time at the end of the year.

- I've almost finished work on an SF novella which is scheduled to be published next year.

- Work has begun on a new novel - a dark, psychological thriller which I am aiming to have finished by late October.

- I've written a piece for ATB Publishing's forthcoming BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER anthology OUTSIDE IN TAKES A STAB. My piece, EVERYONE KNOWS BUFFY IS RUBBISH/BRILLIANT (DELETE AS APPLICABLE), covers the Season Two 2-part story SURPRISE / INNOCENCE.

- I'm currently writing a piece for ATB Publishing's next anthology.

- I'm writing a number of articles on cult / classic TV for a new genre magazine that's being launched in the US.

That's all I can mention for now. Hope to have more details for you very soon.

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