Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Twenty-First Day of Advent

- December 21st -
Today is important for three reasons.

One, it is the Winter Solstice, the point when the Earth’s axial tilt is furthest away from the sun and, more importantly, is the first day of Winter.

Two, it is National Short Story Day, a UK-wide celebration of prose in its shortest form.

Three, today sees the release of Dark Fiction’s wintry short fiction anthology Twelve Days; a wonderful little collection designed to celebrate both of the above events as well as taking full advantage of Christmas being only four short days away.

As has already been mentioned elsewhere on this blog, the writers were asked to take one of the lines from the tradition Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas as the starting point for their piece of short fiction, with the proviso that the story have a ‘ghostly theme’.

For my story, The Wintermachine (a Steampunk tale set in an alternate 1940 blitz-torn London), I took the line ‘Nine Ladies Dancing’ as the springboard for a tale of an ancient stone circle that is much more than it seems. The stone circle is, partly, based upon the large blocks of stone that encompass the beautiful village of Avebury in Wiltshire, a place where I love to visit at least once a year.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this collection, which also features such superb writers as Jennifer Williams and Allison Littlewood. There’s nothing quite like a nice chilling story for Christmas and there’s twelve absolute crackers in this collection. So close the curtains, turn up the fire, curl up in your favourite chair with the lights down low, and enjoy 76 minutes of spooky fiction from some very talented authors.

Twelve Days is currently available as an audiobook to download for free either on iTunes or at Dark Fiction’s website : http://www.darkfictionmagazine.co.uk/episode/twelve-days-anthology/

It will be available soon as an eBook.

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