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It’s Horror Anthology Day on this blog today, as I have news updates on two different, but equally exciting, horror anthologies I’ve been working on recently.

The first is the cover for Twisted Histories, the second in a range of on-going anthologies I’m editing for UK publishers Snowbooks, which has now been signed off and was sent to me last night.

Harking back to those wonderful covers of yesteryear, the design is wonderfully creepy and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

The anthology will see brand new stories from 11 authors which retell (or reimagine) stories from ancient mythology, folklore, legend and Biblical tropes.

And now, for the first time, I can reveal the full ToC of the book:

01 – Blood Is Blood by Kaaron Warren  [Gog & Magog]

02 – Little Boxes by Gary McMahon  [Pandora’s Box]

03 – Collapse by Susan Murray  [Green Man / John Barleycorn]

04 – Blame The French by Stephen Gallagher  [Odysseus]

05 – A Silence Between The Sounds by Scott Harrison  [The Magi]

06 – Containment by Justin Richards  [Werewolves]

07 – The Tides of Avalon by Jennifer Williams  [King Arthur / Mermaids]

08 – Flaming Sword by Richard Dinnick  [Adam & Eve]

09 – Covenants by Simon Beswick   [Ark of the Covenant]

10 – The Second Coming by Wayne Simmons  [The Resurrection]

11 – The Lips of Every Sleeper by Alison Littlewood  [Dryads]

Twisted Histories will be published in paperback in November.
"Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Hamilton  James McCauley...and I am a murderer!"
Also last night (yes, it was a very busy evening) I was sent the final mix of the audio anthology I’ve been putting together with the brilliant SpokenWorldAudio, called Thirteen, and it sounds wonderfully chilling and absolutely fantastic.
The audio is a homage to the old horror anthology LPs from the 1960s and 70s, and is presented as a ‘portmanteau’ anthology, with an ‘umbrella’ story tying the whole 13 stories together.
Cover artwork is now being finalised, which means the anthology should be available as an mp3 download very, very soon.
A trailer is currently being put together and I will post it up on the blog the moment I get my grubby little mitts on it.
Exciting stuff!!
For all those who didn’t see the earlier blog post, here’s the full ToC for Thirteen:
Side A:
Hidden Track(Part I)   by   Scott Harrison    [read by Barnaby Edwards]

One - Dead Space   by   George Mann    [read by Gregg Wise]

Two - A Girl Sitting   by   Mark Morris    [read by Jilly Bond]

Three – Finding The Path   by  Kaaron Warren    [read by Trevor White]

Four – The Hairstyle Of The Devil   by   Martin Day    [read by Arthur Darvill]

Five  - Down   by   Gary McMahon    [read by Stephen Rashbrook]

Six – Tabula Rasa   by  Alasdair Stuart    [read by Lalla Ward]

Seven – Half Life   by   Dan Abnett        [read by John Banks]

Hidden Track(Part II)  by   Scott Harrison    [read by Barnaby Edwards]
Side B:

Eight – With Her In Spirit   by  Stephen Gallagher    [read by Frances Barber]

Nine – Visions   by   Cavan Scott    [read by Michael Maloney]

Ten – One Hit Wanda   by   Kim Newman    [read by Samuel West]

Eleven – A Glass Of Water   by   Mark Wright    [read by Gemma Arterton]

Twelve – Ghost Pit   by   Simon Clark    [read by Jeff Harding]

Thirteen – I Wish  by   Johnny Mains    [read by Steven Cree]

Hidden Track (Part III)  by   Scott Harrison    [read by Barnaby Edwards]
Thirteen is produced and directed by Neil Gardner



  1. Congratulations on your new anthologies Scott! :)
    "Twisted Histories" looks very good, it has a very interesting theme and with Kaaron Warren, Allison Littlewood, Gary McMahon and Simon Bestwick on board I'm already hooked. And it also has a nice cover. Nice in the creepy and suited for the anthology way. ;)

  2. Thanks, Mihai, for your kind words. Lovely of you to take the time to read the blog and comment. You're absolutely right, there's some great writers (and great stories) in both anthologies - hope you enjoy them when they're released.


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